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Ibsen texts on the Internet

In terms of copyright Ibsen is not restricted. His works may be freely used by dramatic artists, publishers, arts students and graduates, translators, poetry readers, samplers and others who might have a use for them. As a natural consequence of this there are a large number of Ibsen’s works as electronic text on the Internet - in various formats and different languages.

Ibsen's manuscripts and letters

Digital facsimiles have been made of 19,600 manuscript pages (manuscripts for plays, poems, other writings and letters) from Ibsen's hand. These have been made available on the Internet by the Centre for Ibsen Studies and the Documentation Project at the University of Oslo.

Reviews of the first editions

Henrik Ibsen`s plays were with few exceptions published in book form before they were presented on stage. The public first became familiar with his plays as reading matter and only afterwards as theatrical experiences.
What were the reading public`s reactions to the individual works? What sort of reviews did they get? We have digitalised contemporary reviews of Ibsen`s book publications.

Reviews of the first performances

The very first stage production ever of an Ibsen play, Christiania Theater’s premiere of The Warrior’s Barrow (The Burial Mound) on 26 September 1850 (submitted to the theatre under the pseudonym Brynjolf Bjarme), was reviewed in three Kristiania papers: Morgenbladet, Christiania-Posten and Krydseren (read the reviews). Not one of these reviews was particularly positive, and indeed the play was only performed three times. Nevertheless this was the beginning of Henrik Ibsen’s climbing to the uttermost heights of stage writing.