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Ibsen festivals and conferences in Norway and abroad

Ibsen`s significance for cultural and spiritual life is reflected in the many festivals and conferences that are arranged with their basis in his life and works. Below you will find descriptions of Ibsen festivals and conferences that are arranged on a regular basis.

Commonweal Theatreīs Ibsen Festival

The Commonweal Theatre in Lanesboro, Minneapolis, is the only theatre company in the USA dedicated to annually producing the works of Henrik Ibsen. 3 - 5 February 2006 the theatre will commemorate the Father of Modern Drama with its 9th Annual Ibsen Festival.

Grimstad Ibseniana

Ibseniana in Grimstad is an intimate cultural festival that has been held every year (normally in August) since 1989. A major attraction is the performance of Terje Vigen at the Hesnes Islands. Other elements in the programme are stage productions, concerts and seminars.

The International Ibsen Conferences

The history of international Ibsen conferences traces back to 1965. Since then, on irregular basis, different universities and colleges all over the world have organised Ibsen conferences with shifting focuses. The next international Ibsen Conference will take place at the University of TromsÝ in June 2012.

The International Ibsen Stage Festival in Oslo

Every other year at the end of August and beginning of September the National Theatre in Oslo arranges an international Ibsen festival. Outstanding Ibsen productions from all over the world are invited to the festival. The programme also contains concerts, exhibitions, symposia etc. In 2006, the centenary of Ibsenīs death, the theatre prepares the biggest Ibsen Stage Festival ever.

The Peer Gynt Festival at Vinstra

This cultural festival at Vinstra in Gudbrandsdalen is organised by Peer Gynt Arrangement in August every year. The main attraction of the festival is the staging of Peer Gynt with the music of Grieg on the banks of Lake GŚlŚ.