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The new Ibsen Museum

During 2005 and spring 2006, the home of Henrik Ibsen and his wife Suzannah, has been restored and is re-opened to the public the 23 May, exactly 100 years after Ibsen passed away. The new Ibsen Museum consists of two major parts: A new comprehensive exhibit featuring the playwright Ibsenīs life and work, and Ibsenīs private home, the apartment in which he spent his last 11 years.
A visit to Ibsenīs home takes us backstage and introduces us to his private life. The apartment has the original furniture as well as the original fixtures, dťcor and colours. The library, dining room and parlours are open to the public, accompanied by our guides.

The study, where Ibsen wrote his two last plays, John Gabriel Borkman and When We Dead Awaken is still our "crown jewel", but after the restoration of the floors, walls, ceilings and surfaces in the 320m2 grand apartment and deposition of the original furniture from the two other Ibsen Museums in Norway, the authenticity in the other rooms are now close to impeccable.

The contrast between the bourgeoisie style in Ibsen home and the modern visual expression in the new exhibit has a striking effect. Both the contemporary Ibsen and the historical Ibsen is now being shown in the Ibsenmuseum.