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Ibsen in film and on television


HENRIK IBSEN - A filmography

Initiated, collected, produced and updated by Karin SynnÝve Hansen

Gatas Gynt ("Peer Gynt from the Streets")

Gatas Gynt is a different film adaptation of Ibsen´s play Peer Gynt. The play is the core of the story, but an additional documentary angle conveys the reflections of the participants and the process of the dramatisation itself. The actors of the film are homeless people in Oslo, the capital of Norway.

An Echo of Ibsen

The Short Film series "Ekko av Ibsen" ("An Echo of Ibsen") comprises eight half-hour short films that take as their point of departure works by Ibsen. The project is the initiative of NRK Drama and the Norwegian Film Fund and has received funding from IBSEN 2006. Young screenplay writers and directors were challenged to create short films that are inspired by, explore or test out ideas, themes, quotes and/or characters from Henrik Ibsenīs authorship.