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Ibsen biographies

Henrik Ibsen’s life is illuminated from all imaginable angles and perspectives. Practically all the days of his life are mapped out down to the smallest detail, at least from the time he entered the literary scene in 1850. If you enter the keyword ‘biography’ in the International Ibsen Bibliography you get 520 hits. Below we have created an overview of reviews of the eight most important Ibsen-biographies that have been written: Ivo de Figueiredo (2006-2007), Robert Ferguson (1996), Michael Meyer (1967-1971), Hans Heiberg (1967), Halvdan Koht (1928-1929), Gerhard Gran (1918), Edmund Gosse (1907) and Henrik Jæger (1888). These are, as it were, the "canonised" Ibsen biographies. In addition we have digitalised the very earliest Ibsen biographies in article form which were published in the 1860s.

Four Ibsen biographies (Figueiredo, Ferguson, Meyer and Heiberg)