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Call for papers

The XIIIth International Ibsen Conference will be held in TromsÝ 18 - 23 June 2012, at the Faculty for Humanities, Social Sciences and Education, University of TromsÝ. The theme of the conference will be Ibsen and World Drama(s). The organizers are asking for contributions on all aspects of the main theme. Abstracts may be submitted by 15 September 2011.
The conference aims at Ibsenís dramas as world drama, world theatre, not to say world literature, as well as at the political, social and religious dramas of our world, contemporary and historic, which in one way or another are crucial for our understanding of and preoccupation with Ibsen.

The overall theme invites contributions on a variety of topics. Papers may address, but are by no means restricted to, the following topics:

Ibsen and gender - Ibsen and media - Ibsen and popular culture - Ibsen and theatrical space - Ibsen and the North - Ibsen and world literature - Ibsen in Africa - Ibsen readers - Ibsenís letters - Designing Ibsen: Scenography, cinematography, lighting, music - Mapping Ibsen - The Ibsen Industry - Translation, translocation, and intercultural performance
  • We are asking for contributions on all aspects of the main theme.
  • Length of papers: 20 minutes.
  • Abstracts may be submitted between 10 May and 15 September 2011, which is the final deadline.
  • Length of abstracts: 150-200 words.
Conference website: