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Delhi Ibsen Festival 2012 in full swing

By: Benedikte Berntzen

The Delhi Ibsen festival, presented by the Royal Norwegian Embassy and The Dramatic Art and Design Academy, is again staged in New Delhi. Between 1 and 7 December 2012 one can see seven different productions from Uzbekistan, Pakistan, India and Norway. Entering its 5th year, The Delhi Ibsen festival still initiatives innovation through performance and international collaboration.
The Delhi Ibsen Festival presents a range of productions which represent many new trends in theatre internationally. Director of the festival Nissar Allana wishes to promote the first Ďpost-colonialí generation of directors, actors, scenographers and dramatists, referring to the evolution of contemporary Indian theatre. "The generation that has emerged after the Ď90s seeks to reconnect with the global theatre tradition", explains Allana. This is why international collaboration is an most important foundation of the festival every year.

The Ibsen Delhi Festival will be followed by a seminar on December 9th and 10th 2012, with keynote speaker Professor Helge RÝnning of the University of Oslo.

Delhi Ibsen Festival 2012 Program

This yearīs festival presents groups from four countries and Indian regions Kerala and Manipur and cities Kolkata and New Delhi. Polish director Wlodzimierz Staniewski directs the commisioned play The Master Builder, performed in Hindi and English. The other titles are An Enemy of the People, When We Dead We Awaken, Ghosts, Jai Jawaan Party (The League of Youth) and Gurrya ka Ghar (A Dollīs House).

See The Delhi Ibsen Festival homepage for full production schedule, or follow them on Facebook.