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Ibsen museums

Norway has three Ibsen museums, the Ibsen House in Grimstad, the Ibsen Museum in Skien and the Ibsen Museum in Oslo.

Henrik Ibsen Museum, Skien

Henrik Ibsen lived on the Venstøp farm in Gjerpen outside of Skien for eight of years of his childhood, from 1835 to 1843. Venstøp was founded as an Ibsen museum in 1958 and is owned by the Telemark Museum.

Photo: Jørn Steen

The Ibsen Museum in Grimstad

The Ibsen Museum in Grimstad is located in the house where Henrik Ibsen worked as an apothecary´s assistant during the final years that he lived in the town. In the guardroom of this house he wrote his first play, Catilina.

Celebration of the great author has long-standing traditions in the town. The Ibsen Museum in Grimstad is Norway´s oldest Ibsen museum - it opened in 1916.

10 June 2006 the Ibsen Museum re-opened after extensive reorganisation. The "new" museum wishes to communicate the story of the time spent by the great author in the town and the town´s impression of the young apothecary´s assistant from Skien. Can the Grimstad period have inspired the writer in his authorship? How do the town and its residents appear in his plays and poetry? And what was the man, who would later be known as the reticent "Sphinx", like in his youth?