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Introductions to Ibsenís life & works

Henrik Ibsen (1828 - 1906) is one of the very greatest names in world literature. He was a central figure in the modern break-through in the intellectual life of Europe, and is considered the father of modern drama. His plays are still highly topical, and continue to be staged in all parts of the world. It is said that Ibsen is the most frequently performed dramatist in the world after Shakespeare.

Short Ibsen biography


Henrik Ibsen was born in Skien in 1828 and grew up as the oldest of five siblings. His parents were the merchant Knud Ibsen and Marichen Ibsen (maiden name Altenburg).

A Listing of Ibsenís Works

Ibsen wrote in all 26 dramatic works and published one collection of poetry. List of works below (with publication year in parenthesis).